Spreading awareness via social media

The following post can be shared on social media in hope to spread awareness and understanding of pregnancy and infant loss. Click HERE for the original Facebook post to share with your facebook friends.


Every year there are over 2500 perinatal deaths in Australia. (ABS statistics) This includes stillborn babies and babies who pass away within the first 28 days of life. 

That’s over 7 every day…

An average of one family every 3.4 hours who goes through the devastating pain of the ultimate heartbreak. 

This number doesn’t even include precious babies born before the legal definition of a still birth being 20 weeks or 400g. 

1000s of parents (along with siblings, aunties, uncles, grandparents) every year who lose a life time with a child.

This is Elliott, he is just 1 of the 7 babies in Australia EVERY. SINGLE. DAY who didn’t get to stay. The day he was born forever sleeping the world lost a beautiful baby. And that day his parents like 1000s of other parents, felt like they lost their world. 

But it’s still a social taboo to talk about it…

I understand it’s an uncomfortable and horrible “topic” but unfortunately it’s something that so many parents live with every day. If you ever know a colleague, friend or family member to lose a baby, and don’t know what to do, PLEASE seek out resources (see link below) for suggestions of what to do, ways to help them and gain an insight to such grief. It will only take a few minutes to have a quick read but in doing so could immensely help a bereaved parent. PLEASE understand and respect that there is absolutely NO time limit to grief and NO single right/best way to grieve. 

These are our babies-as real and important, cherished and loved as the babies who get to stay. 

I ask-

Is it ok that so many mothers/fathers feel like they HAVE TO grieve quickly and in silence?

I ask-

Isn’t it time that ALL bereaved parents are naturally surrounded with ongoing support which includes love, help, understanding and compassion, given without an expiry date to that support?

Isn’t it time society provides a safe environment free of any judgement for bereaved parents, giving them the opportunity to, should they want to, OPENLY talk, love and celebrate and/or grieve and mourn for their angel babies not just initially but in the years that pass after. 

I believe it is time. 

Share to help spread awareness and understanding of pregnancy and infant loss. 

May all the angel babies chase butterflies in the clouds together.

Links for resources and information for both bereaved parents and the whole community can be found at this link (scroll down for information for friends and family information):



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