I wrapped my hands around you…

I wrapped my hands around you, wanting nothing more than to protect you and keep you safe. I held you on my chest, your ear towards my heart, knowing full well you would never hear it beating from the outside. I breathed you in and kissed your head, your cheeks, your hands and your feet. [...]



2018 was an extreme roller coaster of a year. It was a year with magic and joy, so many laughs, so much love and the most beautiful memories made. It was also one with a some of our greatest struggles and difficulties we’ve ever had to face, a year of continued and new heartache and [...]

Senate inquiry into Stillbirth report

“Talking about stillbirth doesn’t make it happen”. What talking about stillbirth WILL do is reduce the isolation that parents and siblings so often painfully feel, compounding their grief. It WILL enable further research to be undertaken and preventative strategies and education to be effectively put in place and followed to reduce the staggering numbers. It [...]

You were love and magic

It’s a devastating tragedy that your life was cut so short but YOU my darling, YOU were nothing but love and magic. How honoured we are to be your parents, How wonderful it was to care for and nurture you, How magical it was to feel you move and watch you grow, How grateful we [...]

Stop and smell the roses

For the last three weeks we’ve been on a ‘frangipani watch’ for Elliott’s tree. Each day we come out to see what new flowers have opened, excited to discover what shade of sunset each one is. Each day we put our faces to them and take deep breaths to take in their beautiful scent. Each [...]

Throwing out drawings

In an attempt to settle the chaos in my head I’m in a state of household cleansing, organising and decluttering. I do this every year on some level but this year I’ve included the task of properly sorting everything I’ve ever kept from Emma and Ashton. Going through every one of those beautiful little baby [...]