Pregnancy and a infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today is international Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. It is a day I hope will one day be printed on calendars around the world for public recognition of the thousands and thousands of babies who didn’t get to stay, and support for the thousands and thousands of parents with hearts full of love for their babies they don’t get to hold. It is a day I hope people will no longer be scared of and understand importance of it and see beauty and love that is behind it.

The reality is its not just one day for bereaved parents but everyday that we live without our child/children. It may not always consume our thoughts or days but we know, we feel and we remember always and love forever.

To every bereaved parent,

It might seem like no one cares about today, and that you have to cry out as loud as you can for people to hear and see you. I promise you though even in the days you feel most isolated there are many who do care so much and you’re not alone. I promise you I care, not just for my son but for every baby and child who was taken too soon, leaving love and loss in ways that can’t be described. Tonight I light a candle not just for my son but for every son and daughter held in the hearts of those who love and miss them.

Everyone can do the same even if loss has never touched your life. Light a candle at 7pm for at least an hour and by doing so you’ll be participating in the International Wave of Light and send light and love, hope and support. Share or send a photo and tell a friend or family member who has been touched by loss you’ve done this, it’s a small act that I’m sure will mean a huge amount.

May our angels shine light on us all and see the light we shine for them. Xoxo


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