Here are a few ideas for commemorating/celebrating the life of little angels. It has been very important to us to keep our angel son’s memory alive and making him part of our family. We draw comfort from seeing and saying his name with love and pride, and things we can have around dedicated to him has been important for us.

The following list is made up of thing’s we’ve done or purchased or gifts we’ve been given by loved ones in memory of Elliott. There’s no limit to when or how a baby is commemorated- it can be straight after birth, marking a month, Christmas, their birthday or anniversary, or just because at any time. A precious gift you can always give at any moment is sending someone a message letting them know you are thinking of them and their angel/s. Having a message sent to us has made all the difference some days.

Click underlined words to direct you to sites you can purchase the items mentioned (not sponsored in any way).

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  • A tree to watch grow. We had family and friends write on or decorate a stone to put around a frangipani tree a close friend bought us after Elliott was born, so his tree is surround my love as it grows.
  • Angel or Jizo statue/figurine (Japanese protector of children) Depending on the person and their faith
  • Make a donation to a support/research organisation for pregnancy and infant loss (such as Sands, Sids and Kids, Red Nose, Bears of Hope) in honour of an angel.
  • Keepsake with the angel’s name (such as a name train, or their name engraved on anything). This site does beautiful wooden keepsake toys with names
  • Embroidered bear with a little gold heart tin inside for keepsakes.
  • Special Candle/candle holder
  • This company prints personalised candles which you can put a child’s name/date/message on
  • Register a star in a name
  • Jewellery bead eg Pandora or one with photo/name and date
  • Record book specifically for little ones in your heart
  • Memory box. To put keepsakes and cards, letters ect in
  • Music Box
  • Wind chime
  • Framed print/photo
  • Special Christmas decoration
  • A kite/s for the family to fly for their lost one/s. You could even write the angels name on it. When we fly our kites I always think of Elliott, flying high and free and dancing in the wind.
  • Flowers later on as time goes by to let them know you are STILL thinking of them
  • A birdbath. We took our children and all chose a bird bath together as a Christmas present for Elliott. We love watching the little birds play in the water, knowing it’s his, and imagine him watching it too. When the Frangipani tree gets big enough the bird bath will go underneath.
  • Events” either personally or with your family/friends to commemorate. A month After Elliott was born we held a day for friends and family to celebrate Elliott’s life. Read about his day and what we did for it HERE.
  • You can host a “tea to remember” and even fundraise through the tea for SANDs Australia (Sands – Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Newborn Death Support organisation). Information pack on hosting a “tea to remember” can be viewed HERE

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