Remembrance gifts and ideas

If you are looking for a gift for someone who has a baby held in their hearts instead of their arms, or ideas to commemorate, memorialise and celebrate the life of your own little one, I have put together the following list of ideas and sites. There are some truly wonderful companies out there now who provide beautiful services and products which can bring comfort and healing for those grieving the loss of a child.

I welcome you to also see the For friends and family , For bereaved parents and For bereaved siblings pages for links to helpful services, information and resources.

**A note to friends and family of bereaved parents – A precious gift you can always give at any moment is sending someone a message letting them know you are thinking of them and their lost little one/s. Having a message sent to us has made all the difference some days. The kindest and most helpful thing you can do is tell someone you remember their baby and show how much they matter. Ackowledge their baby on special occasions and mark their anniversaries/birthday to remember such important dates.**

Click underlined words to direct you to sites. (Please note there i am not affiliated with any of these sites/companies and there is no sponsorship of any kind involved in providing these links)

  • Bears of hope pack- purchase for yourself or friend or donate in honour of your baby or baby special to you. We received a bears of hope pack in hospital and it brought us a lot of comfort. We have since donated bears in Elliotts honour to be given to our local hospital for other families.
  • Angel or Jizo statue/figurine (Japanese protector of children no longer here) Depending on the person and their faith
  • Make a donation to a support/research organisation for pregnancy and infant loss (such as Sands, Sids and Kids, Red Nose, Bears of Hope) in honour of an angel.
  • A kite/s for the family to fly for their lost one/s. You could even write the angels name on it. When we fly our kites I always think of Elliott, flying high and free and dancing in the wind.
  • A birdbath or bird feeder. We took our children and all chose a bird bath together as a Christmas present for Elliott. We love watching the little birds play in the water and come to our garden.
  • Flowers, later on as time goes by to let them know you are STILL thinking of them
  • Events” to commemorate their life. A month After Elliott was born we held a day for friends and family to celebrate Elliott’s life. Read about his day and what we did for it HERE. There are also public days organised by organisations such as bears of hope, sands, sids and kids NT etc you can attest. Have a look at your nearest bereavement organisation for events close to you.
  • You can host a “tea to remember” and even fundraise through the tea for SANDs Australia (Sands – Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Newborn Death Support organisation). Information pack on hosting a “tea to remember” can be viewed HERE

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