A video of our love story with Elliott

This video is for you Elliott 💙 this is our love story with you , a love story that started before you were even made but so desperately wanted, a love story that has no ending 💙

I sat with much hesitation over sharing this video-it’s raw, it’s tragic, it’s possibly confronting, but it’s also life and love. I was never going to share some of the most heartbreaking photos but I decided it’s part of it… and I so passionately want to spread understanding and awareness to pregnancy and infant loss so fewer people feel they have to travel down this dreadful path alone. I hope and wish that one day the WORLD will naturally celebrate and embrace all babies taken too soon, of any gestation and any age of life outside the womb. I wish that one day it’s not seen as brave to share a photo of your baby because the world was so accepting and aware and you didn’t need to be brave because the world wrapped those in grief with love and understanding. I wish with every fibre of my being that I had photos and videos of my baby alive, eyes open… but I don’t and I still want to share him with love and pride like I do with my other two…

To my friends family and the amazing community on Elliott’s Stardust Facebook and Instagram page- thank you for supporting me in doing this and thank you for being the part of the world that is so beautiful Xo. 💜



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