You were love and magic

It’s a devastating tragedy that your life was cut so short but YOU my darling, YOU were nothing but love and magic.

How honoured we are to be your parents,

How wonderful it was to care for and nurture you,

How magical it was to feel you move and watch you grow,

How grateful we are to have met and held you.

How cherished our memories of you are,

How proud we are of you, our son,

And how happy we are to say and hear your name.


I wish and will always wish there was a different ending. We now have to endure a lifetime of missing you so much it hurts like hell, where our hearts never quite beat the same way again and a deep longing hangs in the background always with a whisper of aching arms.


We also get to have a lifetime of loving you. I would never trade the pain of losing you if it meant not getting the chance to love you.

Saying goodbye is heartbreaking but saying hello was worth it all.

Oh how we miss you,

And oh how we love you.

Our beautiful darling boy.


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