Foxes and Stars

Like stars, foxes have also become a special symbol of our baby. My sister purchased a star for Elliott on the day he was born located in the “Indus” constellation (which amazingly is the brand name of the blanket we laid him on to rest) and Indus means “little fox”. I don’t think we’ll ever look at a star or fox again without thinking of him.

Trying to cope with Christmas without Elliott, myself, friends and family collected decorations in honour of him. Angels, dream catchers and of course stars and foxes adorned the top of our tree. When it came time to pack it up I couldn’t bring myself to put his decorations away, so here they’ll stay, in our living room.

Our dear Elliott, our little stardust baby, our little fox,
We have signs of you all over our home, your home, and you will always be part of everything we do. There will never be enough to make up for you not being in our arms but I promise to fill our home with stars. They will remind us of the light and love your life brought us and will continue to do so forever, even when we are filled with darkness, trying to find our way in life without you.

Shine bright our little star.



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