Honouring all fathers on Father’s Day

To all the daddy’s with arms that ache for your baby that you hold in your heart,

I am sending love and honour your fatherhood to ALL your babies, whether they are earth side or in the stars.

I know there’s an isolation and loneliness that comes from being part of a club no one wants to be in

I know there’s a pressure to be strong and fix everything

I know lots of people ask you how mumma is but a lot less ask how you are

I know you probably don’t shed as many tears and might find it hard to go to ‘that place’


I know you love and miss your baby terribly

I know there will always be a hole in your heart in the shape of your baby

Even after all the healing and growing around your grief that might have been done.

While ‘Life goes on’ I know it never went on quite as it was before.

In all the silence, behind all the masks…

I see you.

Your babies matter and so do you.

You’re not alone and your love for your babies can never be taken from you.

Wishing you all a gentle day on Father’s Day.



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